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below you can find: some of my workouts, recipes, book recs & more!

Book Recs

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yoga with Adriene (& benji!!)

I am a true believer in the unity of mind and movement. If you're feeling anxious, stretch it out. If you're feeling pent up, go on a run. Whether it's to release energy at the end of the day or to begin the day with strength & consciousness, movement for me is key. 


I've been practicing with Adriene at home for years now. It's accessible and private (I'm the queen of exercise excuses) and the best part - it's free! She's knowledgeable in her practice, creates great choreography, and I find her voice to be very calming!! 

Feeling irritable indoors? take your mat outside for a change of scenery (& temperature!)

Garlic Prosciutto and Hot Honey Baked Brie Bread Bowl
Sweet Potato & Arugula Pitas
Overnight French Toast
Ginger Cranberry Gin Fizz

fresh out the oven

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