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all things audio

below you can find: some of my go-to playlists, podcasts, & more!

what im listening to

1 / playlist

chill holiday tunes

Christmas szn is finally upon us! Stay plugged in to our

Industry Hair Co holiday playlist (mostly made by me!!)

2 / podcast

GGE - don't let that loser make you feel like shit

"If you’ve ever been ghosted or gaslit by someone who wasn’t deserving of your energy in the first place, this episode is for you"

3 / on repeat

Midnight (3am version) - Taylor Swift

favourites include: 

- lavender haze           - question...?

- karma          - anti-hero

- mastermind          - you're on your own, kid

4 / show recommendations

Love is Blind - season 3 (netflix)

Keeping up with the Kardashians - season 2 (disney +)

juicy junky tv shows...what more must I say

currently under construction - come back for more soon!

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